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After a year of docking, KMP Tao Toba 1 sets sail again on Lake Toba

After a year of docking, KMP Tao Toba 1 sets sail again on Lake Toba

SAMOSIR, METRODAILY - The ferry KMP Tao Toba 1 was officially launched after a year of docking. The launching event was successful, attended by various indigenous, community, religious figures, as well as officials from the Samosir and Toba Regency governments, along with hundreds of people from Tomok community.

Everyone joyfully witnessed the moment of the launch of KMP Tao Toba 1 at the Docking Dock in Tomok, Simanindo Sub-district, Samosir Regency, on Saturday (29/7/2023).

The event began with a brief ceremony to offer prayers of gratitude for the safety and success of KMP Tao Toba 1, seeking the blessings of the Almighty God in its future operations.

Chairwoman Gusti Putri Sitanggang, accompanied by Commissioner Elisabet Sitanggang and Docking Project Supervisor Daniel Simanjuntak, along with Director Susan Hasiani Sitanggang, expressed gratitude and thanks for all the support from God, including the support from all parties, partners, the community, and especially the passengers and users of KMP Tao Toba 1, for the successful launch of KMP Tao Toba 1 in Tomok, Samosir Regency.

As Chairwoman and on behalf of the Sitanggang family, Ompu Tuan Binur (OTB) Sitanggang, they extended their thanks for all the moral support and prayers from everyone involved in making the Docking of KMP Tao Toba possible.

"We present this ship again for all layers of society," said Gusti as Chairwoman.

Numerous speeches and messages of congratulations and support for the launch of KMP Tao Toba 1 were delivered by representatives of the Toba and Samosir Regencies.

"KMP Tao Toba has provided the best service and has a strong sense of social responsibility, which has been instilled since the time of Ompu Tuan Binur (OTB) Sitanggang," said Laspayer Sipayung, representing the Samosir Regency Transportation Agency.

In particular, member of the Samosir Regency Regional People's Representative Council (DPRD), Wisnu Wardana Sidabutar, expressed his encouragement for the owners who had struggled to modify KMP Tao Toba 1.

"Now, KMP Tao Toba 1 looks grander and sturdier, making it the 'Pioneer of Development' in Samosir Regency. Today, we can launch it together successfully," he said.

Wisnu also requested the discontinuation of online ticket sales specifically for KMP Tao Toba, as it was causing inconvenience to passengers and the community.

"When there are queues, tourists and guests have the opportunity to shop for souvenirs and use other services such as food stalls, coffee shops, and local vendors," added Wisnu. "So, we are only conveying the complaints of the community and other ferry users that it would be better to sell tickets manually."

Andi Siagian from the Indonesian Classification Bureau (BKI), who supervised the Docking, stated that KMP Tao Toba 1 had undergone comprehensive modifications.

"We not only monitor progress, but we also pay great attention to its quality and seaworthiness. KMP Tao Toba 1 is in good condition, and we just need a few more months to complete the navigation system before it can set sail," he said.

Meanwhile, Rijaya Simarmata, representing the Tomok Harbor and Ferry Port Authority (KSOPP), congratulated the team and hoped that passenger services would continue to improve, along with the maintenance of good cooperation.

Representing the Tomok community, Harri Bos Sidabutar recalled the history of KMP Tao Toba's birth, starting from dreams, discussions, and planning, which finally became a reality in the 1980s, thanks to the efforts of the late OTB Sitanggang.

"So let us be grateful and thank all generations of the late OTB Sitanggang who were able to establish and improve the works of the development pioneer of Samosir Regency through the creation of KMP Tao Toba 1 and 2," said HB Sidabutar. "His contributions go beyond building KMP Tao Toba; his mission was to boost the economy of Samosir's community, particularly Tomok and its surroundings. We must acknowledge that OTB is 'The Founder Of Life."