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Enjoying a Picnic in the Bromo Mountain Area

Enjoying a Picnic in the Bromo Mountain Area

Various ways are carried out by someone to celebrate special moments, one of which is a picnic. Celebrating special occasions in an open space, like the one that is highly favored in the Bromo Mountain area.

It is not uncommon for travelers to come from far away cities to have a picnic at Bromo. They celebrate special moments in the sea of sand or the Teletubbies hills, whether it's a birthday or wedding anniversary.

A different atmosphere is felt when celebrating a special moment in a different way. Just like Maya, a 39-year-old traveler from Semarang, Central Java. According to her, celebrating a birthday by inviting people to eat at home or a restaurant has become common. So, she celebrated her daughter's 6th birthday at Bromo.

Maya admitted that she came to Bromo not only to enjoy the beauty of the sunrise or hike to the Bromo crater but also to have a picnic with a view of Bromo Mountain, surrounded by the sea of sand. "Turns out it does feel different. Celebrating a special moment with family through a picnic in nature," she said.

Maya said her daughter who was celebrating her birthday also felt happy and special. Because her birthday celebration was different from the previous ones. Celebrating in the open space, feeling the warmth of the sun, yet not feeling hot due to the cool temperature at Bromo, made it an extraordinary experience.

"In nature, away from the crowds, experiencing a special and private celebration. The view and photo spots for the celebration are also very different from previous celebrations," she added.

Not only Maya, many other travelers do the same. As mentioned by one of the Bromo Jeep drivers who provides picnic packages in the Bromo Mountain area, Choirul Umam.

He said that in the past year, celebrating special moments with a picnic in the open space of Bromo Mountain has become very popular. Many jeep service providers receive orders. Almost every month, there is a special request for celebrating a special moment.

"Usually, those who request these special moments are visitors from outside the region, like Semarang, Bekasi, Tangerang, and other big cities. They are very impressed because such special moment celebrations were never experienced before," he said.