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Film by Two Directors from Southeast Sulawesi Enlivens the Wakatobi Film and Photo Festival 2023

Film by Two Directors from Southeast Sulawesi Enlivens the Wakatobi Film and Photo Festival 2023

WAKATOBI, TELISIK.ID - Two films by directors from South Buton Regency and Baubau City, Southeast Sulawesi, enlivened the Wakatobi Film and Photo Festival 2023 on the second day, Sunday (30/7/2023).

The first film screened was "Di Waktu Senja" (At Sunset) by Shahrun Art. It tells the story of two sunset enthusiasts who meet and get to know each other. As time goes by, a man falls in love with the woman he meets. However, it turns out that the woman already has a partner and is about to get married.

During the screening, the film managed to capture the participants' attention with its relaxed yet engaging storyline, showcasing several tourist spots in the South Buton region, which served as the filming locations for "Di Waktu Senja."

During the discussion after the film screening, Shahrun explained that his work was inspired by his fondness for sunsets. "Before, I had discussions and received input from my friends about how this film is interpreted with sunsets. Because for some people, they express their emotions through sunsets—sometimes happy and sometimes hurt, just like the end of the film," he said.

The second film, titled "Bullying," was directed by Andhy Loppes, a filmmaker from Baubau City. This film also managed to mesmerize the audience as it narrates the story of bullying activities that occur in a school, leading the victim to attempt suicide.

As both the writer and director of the film, Andhy Loppes revealed that as a bullying survivor, he thought of providing education about the impact of bullying to prevent such incidents from happening again. He happened to be challenged to make a film about bullying.

"The main goal is to find a way to deliver the message so that bullying can be avoided in the future. Because, on average, bullying victims experience mental disturbances," he said.

During the screening session, the participants enthusiastically engaged in the activities. Many questions were asked, ranging from the film's idea to the techniques and methods used in film production.