Others News Pokja P3TB Evaluation Workshop on Lombok Destinations – Gili Tramena TA 2021

Pokja P3TB Evaluation Workshop on Lombok Destinations – Gili Tramena TA 2021

Again, a working group evaluation event (Pokja) Destination Lombok–Gili Tramena, an Integrated and Sustainable Tourism Development Program (ITDP) by the Regional Development Planning Agency (Bappeda) NTB province, supported by the Regional Management Support Program (PMS) Lombok on Monday, February 7, 2022, at Golden Palace Hotel Lombok.

This event is organized to evaluate the implementation of P3TB TA. 2021 for all components of activities and improve program control development to prepare for the implementation of ITDP TA. 2022–2023 will be more effective, coordinated, and better synchronized among program participants.

This event lasted for two days. The first day was filled with socialization on Presidential Regulation No. 84 of 2021 on RIDPN Lombok-Gili Tramena, the direction of tourism development policy and strategy, and evaluation of the Annual Work Plan (AWP) I. Also, the AWP 2 sub-project plan FY 2022-2023 Lombok-Gili Tramena Destination.

On the second day, continued with an evaluation session from each stakeholder and Pokja ITDP in each district/city.

The event began with a speech from the Chairman of Bappeda West Nusa Tenggara Province (NTB) and the remarks of Plt. Regional Director II Bappenas, Mohammad Roudo. He conveyed instructions on coordinating tourism development in the region.

"Coordinating tourism development between ministries/institutions and Regional Pokja needs to establish strong harmony and collaboration to realize the national target of 22.3% in 2024," he said.

He also added that to realize Lombok Mandalika as a priority tourist destination, the government needs to formulate a regional development policy that includes the development of regional growth centers around priority tourism destinations, one of which is the Lombok destination of Mandalika.

He also said with the issuance of the Presidential Regulation (Perpres), the implementation of the Integrated Tourism Master Plan (ITMP) Lombok-Gili Tramena can begin to be realized and will also encourage acceleration in other destinations.

"The implementation of ITMP Lombok can be realized with the issuance of Presidential Decree No. 84 of 2021. In addition, nationally, it will encourage other destinations such as Toba, BYP, Wakatobi, BTS, and Labuan Bajo to immediately have a RIPDN Presidential Decree," he said.

He added that Pokja's role is very important in succeeding in the ITDP implementation action plan in Lombok.

"Strengthening the NTB regional Pokja is very important to encourage and succeed with several ITDP implementation action plans in Lombok. Pokja monitoring can be done by the Pokja Steering Team periodically, to ensure Pokja is functioning as it should and find solutions to the problems faced by Pokja during the implementation of its tasks and functions," he added.

NTB Tourism Office Secretary Hazbul Wadi explained the start of tourism development related to ITMP Lombok-Gili Tramena with NTB mainstay and strategy, which includes a small island and Gili tourism, halal tourism, Mandalika, 99 tourist villages, and Rinjani Geopark. For the implementation of MotoGP events in 2022, getting permission from a crowd of 100,000 people and the NTB government, through the Tourism Office, have set preparations for the implementation of the 2022 MotoGP event.

He also added that he must pay attention to the key factors of tourism 3A, namely attractions, accessibility, and amenities.

With the exit of Presidential Decree 84 in 2021, it is expected that all Regional Pokja, both Provincial and Pokja Regency/City, can improve intensive coordination to create good harmony and synergy in implementing ITMP Lombok-Gili Tramena. Furthermore, the socialization of Presidential Regulation 84 in 2021 is considered necessary to be immediately socialized, ranging from internal Pokja to each local government organization (OPD). And for the existing Pokja management structure, it is considered necessary to be adjusted, given the nomenclature changes in some OPDs or fields, as well as to refresh the organizational structure of the Pokja Region.

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